Sunday, November 22, 2009

21/21 November Results

Great day on the water with ~15-20knots and lumpy seas. Challenge, Ghetto and Wingman got out there with some mixed up crews.
Tristan and Tim put the 2nd in to cart their ~200kg around the course on the Wingman and showed some seriously impressive speed. Unfortunately this was the first time together and teamwork meant they didn't finish either race. Skinny and I teamed up to get some practice for the inters. Challenge was consistent again with Terry and Wayne showing us how its done.

Race 1:
1st: Ghetto Sled
2nd: Challenge
DNF: The Wingman

Race 2:
1st: Challenge (by about 50m)
2nd: Ghetto Sled
DNF: The Wingman

Highlights of the day were the carbon-rattling launches off the powerboat wash and Terry driving deep through the channel and taking home a "souvenir".

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Inters, Here We Come!!

The 50th 12ft Skiff Interdominions are being hosted by the Auckland Sailing Club from the 9th-17th January, 2010.

12 boats are venturing across from Australia including Ghetto Sled from Qld.
I'm picking up my Koh Samui super-crew James (Skinnyman) Fleming for the event and with a combined crew weight of 130kg, we'll be pushing the limits of the narrow skiff. Here's a photo of my boat with the new Big rig last weekend. ~12-15knots and getting along pretty well for its first sail.!

Results 31st Oct, 7 Nov, 14 Nov

Quick up-to-date of the results. Terry and Wayne have been out there every weekend and are consequently winning not only the 12 fleet results, but also the RQYS allboats as well.

31st October
Race 1:
1st: Challenge

Race 2:
1st: Challenge

7th November
Race 1:
1st: Ghetto Sled
2nd: Challenge

Race 2:
1st: Ghetto Sled
2nd: Challenge

Race 1:
1st: The Wingman
2nd: Challenge
DNC: Ghetto Sled

Race 2:
1st: Ghetto Sled
2nd The Wingman
3rd: Challenge

Monday, October 26, 2009

24/25 October Results

Terry Ellis 1st, 1st. Everyone else DNF. Maintenance day anyone?
The tables turned when Terry was the only boat to finish a race at RQYS on Saturday. Trapeze lines were the culprit on The Wingman and Ghetto Sled, which made sailing our skinny-ass new boats in the perfect 3rd rig weather almost impossible.
Terry didn't hang around to get his prize (probably would have been a chamois)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

17/18 October

Saturday, RQYS
Got 3 boats on the water once again with some crew mix-n-matchin. Ghetto was there with me and Tim Willis. Allwood Sails with Tristan Hamilton steering and Brendan crewing. Challenge was there with the veteran team rejoined of Terry Ellis and Don Robinson.

Race 1: I decided that the only way to beat Tristan was to pull off the grandest of starts so we went for the pin-end-on-port "bandit" start. This type of starting maneouvre is rarely successful but a 10deg shift with a minute to go helped out a lot. We crossed a flying, starboard-tacked I14 and powered down to get a jump on the Allwood. But they had some pretty impressive speed and just caught us by the top mark. Tim and I threw the big 3nd kite up and powered down to be in front by a little bit at the bottom. A slow drop allowed them to get through, take our wind, and cause us to fall in backwards. We gained a little during the next lap but were 2nd by 1min 40secs. Terry and Don were around somewhere, sailing their own race.
1st: Allwood Sails
2nd: Ghetto Sled
3rd: Challenge

Race 2: The wind had eased a little and this allowed Tim and I, lighter by 20-odd kgs, to stay powered up better than Tristan. Once again though, they sailed fast upwind and just beat us to the top. We once again powered away off the breeze and managed to hold on for a narrow (20sec) win.
1st: Ghetto Sled
2nd: Allwood Sails
DNF: Challenge

Tristan took home the Northern Allboats win and prize was a chamoise... Yay!

Sunday, DPSS
A regular club race on Sunday and once again in a very nice 12-15knot 2nd rig. Only the Sled was out there for the 12s (lots of 16s and 13s to play with) with me steering and Tristan on the pointy end. We sailed around the other fleet a bit because they were racing a state title heat, and had some good rides. It was a pretty quick with only 3 short laps, but that just made us work a bit harder. The fine tuning on the Sled continues... and a new big rig should be ready by the weekend.

Next weekend will see the return of skinnyman from his man o' mystery adventures so we should be getting 3-4 boats out there. Paulo's boat is still for sale. He's taking it to Geelong shortly, so anyone who's interested should call him asap!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

10-11 October

A strange weekend weather wise that didn't really yield results. Saturday forecast was 15-18knots and blew in over 20. So the 2nd went in on Ghetto and we headed out to the start. I realised we weren't going to get around the racecourse when the first bearaway out of the leads resulted in a massive 2-sail mine!! One of those really quick ones that doesn't give you time to react. Tim went into the sidestay and came out with half his wetsuit leg missing. He got a nice bruise from that one.

So we sailed up to the top of the bay, hoisted the kite and had one insane ride and then crashed and came in. Always good to have a sail seriously overcooked occasionally.

Sunday at DPSS was overcast but the breeze came in 10-15kts when it wasn't raining. Tristan and Tim Avery went out with their new 2nd rig and gave it a trial run. The new boys in Deagon Shipyards??? (formerly the Richter Constructions) only had their big rig so splashed around a bit. Good to see some more guys keen on having fun. Tristan finished the race (that was eventually abandoned...)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

For Sail 3

images borrowed from

Giddy Up

Matthews Mk2 Design
Built December '08
Complete boat
#1, #2, #3 and #4 rigs
All sails brand new up to a few years old.
Cradle with wheels
On trailer
In Brisbane

Make me an offer.
Paul O'Malley-Jones

Big Boppa (formerly The Bus)

Nash 4 Hull
1/2 Carbon Mast
3 Carbon Mast
1, 2, 3 complete rigs
In Brisbane
$3000 ono trailer negotiable

call Tristan 0437 733 992

Sunday, October 4, 2009


No skiff posts lately as i've been trailerbucketing in my Blazer23. Did the SYC Commodore's Cup (in 20-25 with 2.5m swell) and cracked the hull under the chain plates. Fixed it during the week so i could do the St Helena Cup out of WMYC. Didn't have it set up right and so didn't do so well.

Tristan took Big Boppa and The Wingman out last sat/sun and had a bit of fun in the big breeze apparently. This saturday we'll get back to 12ft skiff racing like we should.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

3 times the fun

Got 3 new boats on the water on Saturday out of ROYS. There was a bit of crew mixing, but it was worthwhile to have someone to race against.
The Wingman was there... with normal crew
Ghetto Sled was there... with Terry Ellis skippering and Richard Billett crewing
The Fat Controller was there... with Brendan Matthews skippering and John Cole crewing.

We also had pretty good wind. A nice 10 gusting 15.

Race 1: We all came off the start pretty close. The Fat Controller leading slightly and Wingman going far, low left to get speed. On the way into the top mark, ghetto took a higher position to get over a fleet of Etchells going slow downwind and gained 100m on the rest. The wingman came flying in from the left and was right behind the fat controller as the kites went up. The run was pretty calm and we went round the mark in about the same positions as the top mark. Up the next work there was a 10deg right-hander and ghetto gained another 200m. The wingman and the fat controller once again got around the top together and were battling it out down the final run. The Wingman came in 2nd by about 50m to the fat controller.

1st: Ghetto Sled
2nd: The Wingman
3rd: The Fat Controller

Race 2: Only 2 left and the wind had crept up to 15kn. Once again Ghetto got off to a good start with the wingman seemingly getting stuck in irons off the line. Around the top mark with a good lead, ghetto powered away in pressure, but prawned the kite at the bottom mark and the wingman cruised past. After f&*king around trying to get 100kg of prawns into the boat, we finally got going again only to see the wingman go around the top mark. We chased for one more lap then called it a day when the race committee decided to pick up all the marks. The wingmen took home the silverware for the Northern Allboats (a teeshirt...normally get rum or wine).
1st: The Wingman
DNF: Ghetto Sled
DNS: The Fat Controller

A solid day all up and hopefully more races like the first one during the rest of the season.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rags to Riches

I took Paulo's steed for a burn on saturday with his trusty-yet-skipperless crew John. Paulo bought a new Big main before he went to GTown and wanted us to try it out.... OK. A nice little 8-12 Northerly greeted us and she bolted. I can confirm that the new main makes the boat 3.4% faster and 2.8% higher.... guaranteed. Thorpy also said its fully sick.
Oh yeah. No one else was game to take us on so we "won" both races.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Opening Day Results

The RQYS opening day started with drizzle and no wind. By 10am however, the clouds had cleared and there was a shifty westerly floating around. The blazer-wearing festivities got underway, but we kept clear of that until the free sausage sizzle came wafting across the rigging lawn. The newly reddified Wingman, the newly carbonified Challenge and the newly Cassified Ghetto Sled were wearing 2nd rig and were itching to go. The kite ride to the start line off Green Island started as a nice flat-water 2-string ride and ended up as a crew-in-kitebin "situation". The wind proceeded to shift around through all 360deg for the rest of the day.

Race 1 got off to a slow 1-string start. We got away well, then Challenge caught a nice puff up the first work, but the Wingman lead around the top mark by 100m. The run saw Challenge crew Wayne fall overboard and have to swim back to the boat. During the next work a northerly shift came through and we were on the right side of it and took the win.
Race 2 got underway with a 90deg southerly shift right on the gun. The Wingman and Ghetto Sled saw it coming through the Etchell fleet so both did the pin-end-on-port (Bandit) start. A soldiers course around the next 5 buoys (with 360deg windshifts included) resulted in The Wingman packing up and going home. We took the win again.
Race 1
1st: Ghetto Sled
2nd: The Wingman
DNF: Challenge

Race 2
1st: Ghetto Sled
2nd Challenge
DNF: The Wingman

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

For Sail 2

Big Boppa (formerly The Bus)

Nash 4 Hull
1/2 Carbon Mast
3 Carbon Mast
1, 2, 3 complete rigs
In Brisbane
$3000 ono trailer negotiable

call Tristan 0437 733 992

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Start It Up!!!!

Looks like good weather for the first day of the season. Time to strap in the 2nd rig and go for a blast. Racing out of RQYS, Manly 5th September. Be there from 10am. Race 1 starts 1:30pm.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wingman sees Red

Tristan has put in some long hours to sand, fair and paint the Wingman for the new season. A striking red over grey makes it look almost as good as the Juicer. Looking forward to big things from these guys this season.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Skiffbuild 09/2

The irreverent Paul O'Malley-Jones sent me this photo set of him building his new boat "Giddy Up!" last winter. This is the newest boat in the fleet and showed some promise at the Interdominions in Brisbane 09. Now Paulo has decided to up and live in GTown (Geelong) for a year, there is word of a new helmsman on this boat.

Monday, August 10, 2009

DPSS Winter Series 23/08/2009

Should be a few boats heading down for the last winter series race of the year. Sailing out of Darling Point Sailing Squadron (Trafalgar St, Manly, QLD)

Racing start at 2pm, so we'll be rigging from 12 onwards.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Island Style

A shot from the Samui trip in May 2009.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009


Old Yellow getting a long overdue upgrade to carbon tube framework..!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

For Sail

This will be updated with local stuff for sale in Brisbane. For NSW or NZ boats and gear, see

SOLD!!!! Hull For Sale: Ultimate Sails (formerly Half-Ripe Banana Boat)
Nash III hull
Carbon/Kevlar hybrid.
Solid hull
3 Carbon bowsprits
Aluminium boom
Carbon stern racks and rudder assembly
2 centreboards, 1 rudder
Needs some new hull fittings and rigs. Can source some aluminium masts
I've got some sails that will go with it. 1, 2, 3 mains 3, 4 jibs
Custom made boat cover
Trailer if wanted (extra $500) needs a bit of work but roadworthy
Location: Manly, Qld
SOLD !!!!! $500

Club Details and New Season

Members of the Queensland 12ft Skiff Association currently sail out of 2 clubs in Brisbane. The Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron (RQYS) and Darling Point Sailing Squadron (DPSS). Both clubs sail on Moreton Bay, RQYS on Saturdays and DPSS on Sundays.
Club Links:
DPSS and BSS (members of BSS run DPSS)
The 2009/2010 seasons start on Saturday, the 5th of September for RQYS and Sunday the 13th of September for DPSS. This should be an exciting season with 4 modern boats on the water and a couple of older models getting facelifts.
Club Contacts:
RQYS: Richard Billett - 0433 262 245
DPSS: Tristan Hamilton

Wingman at 2008/2009 Interdomions

50th Interdominions - Sailworld Article

Thursday, July 30, 2009