Sunday, September 20, 2009

3 times the fun

Got 3 new boats on the water on Saturday out of ROYS. There was a bit of crew mixing, but it was worthwhile to have someone to race against.
The Wingman was there... with normal crew
Ghetto Sled was there... with Terry Ellis skippering and Richard Billett crewing
The Fat Controller was there... with Brendan Matthews skippering and John Cole crewing.

We also had pretty good wind. A nice 10 gusting 15.

Race 1: We all came off the start pretty close. The Fat Controller leading slightly and Wingman going far, low left to get speed. On the way into the top mark, ghetto took a higher position to get over a fleet of Etchells going slow downwind and gained 100m on the rest. The wingman came flying in from the left and was right behind the fat controller as the kites went up. The run was pretty calm and we went round the mark in about the same positions as the top mark. Up the next work there was a 10deg right-hander and ghetto gained another 200m. The wingman and the fat controller once again got around the top together and were battling it out down the final run. The Wingman came in 2nd by about 50m to the fat controller.

1st: Ghetto Sled
2nd: The Wingman
3rd: The Fat Controller

Race 2: Only 2 left and the wind had crept up to 15kn. Once again Ghetto got off to a good start with the wingman seemingly getting stuck in irons off the line. Around the top mark with a good lead, ghetto powered away in pressure, but prawned the kite at the bottom mark and the wingman cruised past. After f&*king around trying to get 100kg of prawns into the boat, we finally got going again only to see the wingman go around the top mark. We chased for one more lap then called it a day when the race committee decided to pick up all the marks. The wingmen took home the silverware for the Northern Allboats (a teeshirt...normally get rum or wine).
1st: The Wingman
DNF: Ghetto Sled
DNS: The Fat Controller

A solid day all up and hopefully more races like the first one during the rest of the season.

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