Sunday, October 11, 2009

10-11 October

A strange weekend weather wise that didn't really yield results. Saturday forecast was 15-18knots and blew in over 20. So the 2nd went in on Ghetto and we headed out to the start. I realised we weren't going to get around the racecourse when the first bearaway out of the leads resulted in a massive 2-sail mine!! One of those really quick ones that doesn't give you time to react. Tim went into the sidestay and came out with half his wetsuit leg missing. He got a nice bruise from that one.

So we sailed up to the top of the bay, hoisted the kite and had one insane ride and then crashed and came in. Always good to have a sail seriously overcooked occasionally.

Sunday at DPSS was overcast but the breeze came in 10-15kts when it wasn't raining. Tristan and Tim Avery went out with their new 2nd rig and gave it a trial run. The new boys in Deagon Shipyards??? (formerly the Richter Constructions) only had their big rig so splashed around a bit. Good to see some more guys keen on having fun. Tristan finished the race (that was eventually abandoned...)

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