Sunday, November 22, 2009

21/21 November Results

Great day on the water with ~15-20knots and lumpy seas. Challenge, Ghetto and Wingman got out there with some mixed up crews.
Tristan and Tim put the 2nd in to cart their ~200kg around the course on the Wingman and showed some seriously impressive speed. Unfortunately this was the first time together and teamwork meant they didn't finish either race. Skinny and I teamed up to get some practice for the inters. Challenge was consistent again with Terry and Wayne showing us how its done.

Race 1:
1st: Ghetto Sled
2nd: Challenge
DNF: The Wingman

Race 2:
1st: Challenge (by about 50m)
2nd: Ghetto Sled
DNF: The Wingman

Highlights of the day were the carbon-rattling launches off the powerboat wash and Terry driving deep through the channel and taking home a "souvenir".

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