Tuesday, January 19, 2010

While the boat's away...

So we're back from the Interdoms with a 20th place to show for it. Congrats to Nick Press and Brad Yabsley for taking it out and posting their 2nd Inters win. NZ won the teams trophy with another outstanding display.
Our boatspeed was exceptional at times but once again lacked the perfect boathandling required to sail a skinny boat fast. We also suffered off the breeze with smaller slower kites and only 135kg on the wire.
Moments of potential such as 4th around the top mark in a soft big rig race and 3rd around the first wingmark of another were hacked away by the kite/chute system not working as it should and choosing the wrong side of the course. However the speed potential in all conditions was promising.

We were the 7th Aussie boat and managed to stay ahead of all the other young Aussies (except Brett and Alex in Garde). So I'm pretty happy with that and it will lead to good things at the upcoming Nationals over Easter at RQYS. NOR available shortly.

Got a few things to update on the boat when it gets back. Racing continues at RQYS this Saturday 23rd and DPSS on the Sunday 31st.