Monday, November 15, 2010

Race Report 13/11/2010 by Tristan

O.K the truth,
Brendan pulled the pin on Fri night so I was calling anybody and everybody to get somebody to sail. Sat morning came and I was still on the blower but nobody was around. So I took the punt and went down to the club and if I was not going to find anybody I was going to get Terry and Wayne to pick up the points for the tugganaught. Then, like does Mark Mathews appeared out of the smoke and I ask if he was sailing he replied No and I said you are now. He went home and found some stinkin sailing gear… I told him he was steering and he said well I won’t need a harness in that case. It was going to be interesting!.. We did everything conservative in the first race got off the line well and blasted to the top mark first. That’s where we stayed even in front of the two moths, I was worried about the gybes, however that was his best moment, it felt safe as! I must mention the squid lips overshot the pin by 4 seconds and they had to go back! They were keen to get out of the blocks but CAME TO EARLY. Little unsatisfying.

Next race the start was pretty funny as Terry and Wayne went for the port hand start only to be buried by the rest of the stb hand fleet. I think he may have been peaking a little early also.

We were 3rd to the top mark behind one LW sharpy and a Moth. Made it to the bottom and then went to the top only to put it in the piss to windward with the kite up! We got a little untidy at this point and the fleet caught up. Terry got second on H.C in this race and tugger got 3rd over the line and 4th on H.C.

Good points for the PB for the spring point score and a funny day with Mark. He struggles to get in and out on the wire but once he has locked and loaded he is fine.Down wind he sat on the side Bocho style to keep it conservative.

The tugga is smoking to windward!

See you all next weekend

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