Sunday, February 13, 2011

Race Report 12/2/2011

Perfect 10-15knots and clear blue sky met us at the boat park for what was to be a great day on the water.
The tuggers and squidly put in big rig, and the Sled with guest skipper Cassie B put in #2 as we were lacking the extra 50kg required for big.
Cass nailed the first start and the Sled did what it does best... lead. a few tacks later and the extra power of the squid had us beat, but we held the tugger to the top mark.
Downwind, the squid showed us their new threads and disappeared to the bottom mark. A nervous Cass decided to do it Cherub style, so the tuggers also drove past us (after putting it in on the top mark bear-away).
Next beat and Cass drove it low and dirty, pulling us back into 2nd with blinding speed. After a shakey set, we set off to the finish with the tuggers bearing down on us. they managed to get us by 25m in the end. was a good battle. Squid was in the distance celebrating their kite purchase with champagne.

For the 2nd race, the wind kicked to 12-15 and we were started to dump quite a bit of main. the big rig boys were also shaking some cloth apparently. the heat was on. The tuggers got the best of the start and pulled away up the first leg to lead with squid close behind and Cassie drving too hard into the corner and finding out how not to bear away in a skinny 12. No kite so we were up and away quickly, kite up and then we overcooked the gybe, so had a longer splash. Onlyl just enough weight on the centreboard to get the boat back upright. Next work and we were once again in low groove, trying to make up some ground. Then... bang!! SPlash!>!!> wtf??? rig gone. forestay lashing didn't like the long christmas layover, so decided we'd had enough fun fo rthe day.
Thanks to the young kid in the rubber duck who held us and dragged the sled home. Not sure how the last lap went, but Tristan was calling the day his, so i guess they dominated.

Skinny took an early mark to head off to Mexico to see some sheila (dirty weekend report to follow shortly - skinny). The rest of us had a bbq and beers at my place.
Good times.

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