Sunday, March 13, 2011

Race Report 12/3/2011 by Skinny

One race this week.. It was a bay race around Green Island... There were four 12's out there ready to rumble.. Good to see.. Very good to see..!!
The breeze was from the East... I was dreading another big rig day.. Uugghh.. Sooo over big rig..!!! There was a bit out there so we all threw in 2nd.. Good call I reckon.. It was a glamour day out there..!!

Here's how I saw the action
Start was a bit ordinary for Wayno and I on PB.. Squid won it with Spiesy and I on their tail.. Spiesy went really high but slow.. Richard started last but blasted through the fleet.. He passed me to leeward..!!! It was lovely 2nd rig conditions.. Team fly weights (PB) were depowering while all you other fat pr1cks were just revving it up.. We hit the NW corner or green and Wayne and I did a splash tack.. Spiesy was still high and had the box seat.. Squid was a mile away but pretty low.. Richard was in between somewhere.. We got our boat back up but I tell you what, 4th place feels a long way back these days... We tacked our way up between green an st helina.. In that same order we did a shy reach along green and Wayne and I picked up some valuable meters... We were able to go a bit lower because of our weight.. Thank goodness..!!! Grove had tried to put up the kite a bit earlier to try and catch the Spiesoid.. Alas poor Yorrick it was quite a stretch getting around the mark and after a quick kite flap they tea bagged... Oops.. The Squid boys scooted past with their new kite and PB followed not quite catching them... So we were all around the SE mark and kites were all set.. Spiesy was well in front.. He went out towards king and the squid boys followed all in the name of chasing pressure.. Rich tried the right hand side of the course back in towards green... Wayne and I kinda just played the middle and it paid off.. We caught up a lot.. One mistake from these punks and we had a podium finish... It was a cracking ride too just quietly.. Not out of control, but fast enough to be reminded why 12's are the greatest skiff of all..!!
Coming in to the finish Spiesy was in 1st followed by the Squid and then Rich and I... Grove were coming in hot on port, with Squid and I on Starboard... It was going to be close.. Team Grove didn't pick their layline right, and had to drop the kite to get to the finish.. They had an unfortunate drop and ended up prawning and going for a swim.. 3rd went to PB and Grove was 4th... I'm not sure how close exactly we finished, but it was pretty close considering it was such a long race.. Very close actually...
Well done to Spiesy and John for a solid performance..!! I look forward to sticking it to ya next week..!! Don't you worry.. We will..!!

A splendid day on the bay ended with a few beers with the boys and some serious Opti races in front of the club..

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