Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wazzup Warwick

Took a week off "normal" racing to venture 2 hours West in search of fresh water. Leslie Dam just west of Warwick is home to the Warwick Sailing Club, a quaint little club on the edge of a big freshwater, cola-coloured dam. When we arrived there, about 8knots was flicking around from the SE to NE. The classic 10ft skiffs with their ridiculously large sail area were kicking around the course nicely. We were told the breeze would fill about 3pm, so big rigs were in for at least the first race. Start was in 3 knots and it dropped from there. Tristan and skip Cassie lead the first 2 marks, but were then overtaken by the Ghetto with fill-in crew Don Smith. A bit of time was spent going in backwards circles, but we got a ride or 2 with the kite up. Ghetto managed to beat 3 18s home, then the 2nd race was called off.
At 4pm the wind filled and Tristan, Cassie and I 'stole' an 18 and took it for a spin in about 10kts. After a nerve wrecking bearaway at the rock infested beach (first time i've steered an 18), the kite went up and we were off. 3 String up and down the lake for about 45mins. Not sure why the other 18s didn't come out as they'd left their boats rigged ready for a midnight 'sail'.

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