Sunday, February 12, 2012

Biig Riig - Club Champ Heat 3

LINK to Report

Race 1:
1st Squid,
2nd Ghetto,
3rd PB,
4th Old Yella

Race 2:
1st Ghetto,
2nd Squid,
3rd PB,
4th Old Yella

I forgot to mention the rescue mission...
Well I didn't so much forget.. I just didn't want to tease the 18 boys too much on their own website...

So we derigged the skiffs.. The sun was going down, as were the rum cans, when the call came over the radio.. Mayday Mayday Mayday..
The rescue boat radioed in to Chris.. The token 18 was still out there.. They requested a skipper to steer the boat home as they couldn't tack or gybe it..
Yes you read that correctly..

Wayno and I jumped in the rescue boat and did a quick sub for two of the crew.. They had been flopping around out there for quite a while so were buggered... We righted the skiff and sailed her home... Unfortunately the crew had un-tied the kite, as it would have been a cracking ride back in through the leads..!!

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